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Unit 8 Our Clothes
Topic 3 Let’s go and watch the fashion show.
Section D

What do you know about American clothing?

Blue jeans

What do you about American clothing?

Different color jeans

What do you know about Japanese clothing?


What do you about Japanese clothing?



Read and understand

America ● The most widely known item of American clothing is blue jeans. ● In the past, many workers wore heavy cotton jeans. ● Today, clothing factories make many different styles and colors of jeans. They are the most popular choice of clothing for young people around the world. Japan ● A well-known item of Japanese traditional clothing is the kimono. ● Traditionally, the kimono was made of silk. ● At one time, Japanese people wore kimonos for casual and formal occasions. ● Today, hardly anyone wears kimonos except on special occasions like marriages and national celebrations.

1b Work alone
Fill out the table according to 1a.

Country America

clothing blue jeans

heavy cotton silk



Occasion to wear
In the past casual Today casual


casual and formal formal

Key points
1.The most widely known item of American clothing is blue jeans. 最著名的美国服装是蓝色牛仔裤。 widely known与well-known意思相*, 即“众所周知的,广为人知的”。又 如: This accident is widely known. 这场事故广为人知。

2. At one time, Japanese people wore kimonos for casual and formal occasions. 曾经,日本人在非正式和正式场合都穿 和服。 at one time 曾经,一度。又如: He was at one time so devoted to piano playing. 他曾经那么沉迷于弹钢琴。

3. Today, hardly anyone wears kimonos except on special occasions like marriages and national celebrations. 如今,几乎没有人穿和服,除非在像婚礼或 国家庆典这样的特殊场合。 (1) hardly 意为“几乎不”,是表示否定的副 词。又如: Hardly anybody came. 几乎没有人来。 The old man can hardly walk. 那位老人几乎不能走路。

(2) except 除??之外。又如:

We work every day except Sunday.

They all went to sleep except me.
除我之外, 他们都去睡觉了。

Work alone
Listen to the passage about a fashion show and mark True (T) or False (F).
1. I went with Jenny to see a lovely fashion show outside a clothing store yesterday. T 2. There are many famous models and many kinds of clothes in the clothing store. F 3. At last I choose a nice white skirt. F 4. I paid the salesgirl ¥80 for the skirt. T 5. Jenny didn’t like the silk dress because it was a little out of style. F

Grammar Focus
Object clauses (IV)
Kangkang said he watched it.

He said it was wonderful.
She asked Kangkang what he was doing.

He said he was doing his homework.

宾语从句的时态: 当主句中的谓语动词是一般现在时态时, 宾语从句中的时态不受主句影响。当主句 中的谓语动词是一般过去时态时,宾语从 句则使用相应的过去时态。又如: I think that I can sell newspapers. 我想我可以卖报纸。 I heard you had a bad cold. 我听说你患了重感冒。

注:如果宾语从句所表达的内容是客 观真理或客观事实时,从句中动词的时 态不受主句的谓语动词时态的限制。如: The teacher said that the earth moves round the sun. 老师说地球围绕太阳转。 He said he is forty. 他说他40岁了。

Useful expressions
People call it a cheongsam. Here come another three models. That’s really cool! Today people can design the Tang

cotume as either formal or casual

1.Bring your favourite clothes to your classroom. 2. Introduce some clothes to your classmates. You can tell them about the color, material, style and so on. 3. Hold a fashion show in the classroom. 4. Write a short passage about the fashion show.

根据首字母完成句子。 xcept me. ? They all went to sleep e_____ arriage ? Their m_______ took place in a local(当地 的) church. elebration ? Would you like to come to c________? utside than in this room. ? It's warmer o______ ? The customer was angry with the s aleswoman for her impolite answer. _________

? ? ?


tem Do you know if they like this new i____? hoice We each had to make a c_____. raditionally eaten on In England, turkey is t_________ Christmas. ardly stay awake. I’m so tired I can h_____

1. Talk about clothing according to 1a
with your classmates. 2. Review the Object Clauses.


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